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Why is it that in a society with a Puritan heritage we have such completely ambivalent feelings about Work? We feel guilty, do we not, if not busy? But we feel somewhat soiled, on the the other hand, if we sweat overmuch? I can only suggest that we often indulge in made work, in false business, to keep from being bored. Or worse still we conceive the idea of working for money. The money becomes the object, the target, the end-all and be-all. Thus work, being important only as a means to that end, degenerates into boredom. Can we wonder then that we hate it so?

Ray Bradbury - Zen in the Art of Writing



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(via まるです。 - 私信)

"This photograph is out of focus, but Hana crashed."

(via まるです。 - 私信)

"This photograph is out of focus, but Hana crashed."


Jenny Lewis - Just One Of The Guys [Official Music Video]

This video is pretty great. First single off the new album, which is surprisingly good.


A federal judge declared California’s death penalty unconstitutional Wednesday, saying delays of 25 years or more in deciding appeals and carrying out occasional executions have created an arbitrary and irrational system that serves no legitimate purpose.

California death penalty ruled unconstitutional - SFGate

An Orlando TSA screener told a DC-based reporter that he’d need a passport to fly, because DC isn’t a state, so a DC driver’s license wasn’t valid ID.

Yet another TSA screener doesn’t know that DC is part of America - Boing Boing

Clubs are, as a general rule, terrible, noisy places full of superficial garbage people (source: being an alive person).

Vegas Club to Bachelorette Party: No ‘Whales or Hippos’ Allowed

It’s fairly common knowledge that a Venn diagram charting the overlap between Vegas club promoters and terminal douchebags would be, essentially, a single circle.

Vegas Club to Bachelorette Party: No ‘Whales or Hippos’ Allowed


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