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The Long Winters’ sophomore effort, When I Pretend to Fall, is a classic of sensitive-dude rock, but lead singer John Roderick’s sometimes deadpan, always-straightforward delivery does a lot to keep the band’s output from straying into the realm of over-earnest overkill. Jazzy, buoyant numbers like “Scared Straight” are about as perfect as anything else recorded in the early 2000s indie-label heyday, and contributions from Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla and others make the 12-song album feel like a Barsuk Records team effort. I know I would have loved this album as a Death Cab-obsessed high schooler; I would have loved the weird synth opening of “Blanket Hog”, and I would have loved it when Roderick sang, “Show me all your scars/ Hold me by my arms.” The fact that The Long Winters never achieved quite the same level of success as label mates Death Cab or maybe even Nada Surf doesn’t make When I Pretend to Fall any less of an enjoyable accomplishment. –Katherine Flynn

20 Criminally Overlooked Post-2000 College Rock Albums | Consequence of Sound | Page 3 (via fuckyeahjohnroderick)

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Every sunset in downtown SF with Sutro Tower will inspire you. San Francisco, CA


Every sunset in downtown SF with Sutro Tower will inspire you. San Francisco, CA

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What about the women who want to have kids now? Do they at least get offered a decent severance package?

Facebook, Apple Paying For Female Employees To Freeze Eggs | The Onion - America’s Finest News Source

Don Draper just had brunch where I had brunch. I had the grilled veggie omelette. He had a scotch, a steak, and any woman he wants.

lonelysandwich. January, 2008. Just so we always remember where it all started. Because, as far as I know? This is where it all started. (via merlin)

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