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The freakout over Facebook Messenger is less a reflection of the app itself than of how people feel about Facebook, which – over many years of crappy products (Facebook Poke, anyone?) and annoying privacy tweaks – has rightly earned a reputation as shady and dishonest.

Why Everyone is Freaking Out About Facebook Messenger | Broke-Ass Stuart’s Goddamn Website

Health-care regulators have devised 140,000 reimbursement categories for Medicare—including 12 categories for bee stings and 21 categories for “spacecraft accidents.”

It’s Time to Put Humans Back in Charge of Government - Atlantic Mobile


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It’s entirely possible that she’s an icon precisely because she doesn’t speak for anyone else, because she has the exceedingly rare ability to be 100 percent herself, 100 percent of the time — or at least to come off that way. This would be a remarkable achievement for anyone, and for someone who is both young and female (conditions that historically have not been the most favorable for marching to the beat of your own drum), the combination of extreme self-reference and extreme lack of vanity feels almost like a supernatural power.

Lena Dunham is Not Done Confessing


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